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Arper: Catifa Carta: Redefining Beauty


Discover Catifa Carta, a groundbreaking reimagination of our timeless Catifa 53. 

Catifa Carta’s shell is crafted entirely from PaperShell, a revolutionary new material derived from paper.

Comprising 29 sheets of paper bonded with a natural resin binder, Catifa Carta significantly reduces the chair’s environmental footprint by sequestering carbon dioxide.

A Circular Process

Organic Origin

Paper used to produce PaperShell is sourced responsibly, utilizing residues from Swedish wood production.


From Paper to Catifa Carta
Catifa Carta’s shell is composed of 29 sheets of kraft paper, which are impregnated with a 100% biogenic binder.

Biochar Carbon Locking
At the end of its life, the shell of Catifa Carta is transformed into biochar through pyrolysis, a low oxygen burning process that prevents carbon from being released into the atmosphere.

Closing the Loop
The biochar can be used as a soil enhancement, helping to restore the soil to its natural richness.

Join us as we redefine the possibilities of design, proving that beauty, functionality, and environmental responsibility can seamlessly coexist. Follow the next steps of Catifa Carta’s global launch in the Arper’s showrooms around the world – London, New York, Chicago and more to follow. Stay tuned!
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