Just like indoor environments, the outdoor spaces also require a project with its own character and vision. For this reason, Minotti’s outdoor seating systems and families of furnishing pieces propose styles, modes and forms of expression that are new but always consistent with the brand’s aesthetic.

The versatility of the elements and their infinite compositional possibilities do not relegate them to a specific style, but create ever different (and very personal) worlds of open-air living. Wood, aluminium, and fabrics specially designed for outdoor spaces are expressed in shapes as aerial as they are solid, creating both metropolitan and bucolic styles, finding their perfect location in terraces, patios, gardens and yachts.

To understand how a single language can create multiple tones of voice one need look no further than three of the bestsellers in the collection: Florida designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, Quadrado by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 and Patio by GamFratesi. Three seating systems, all the work of very different designers, offering as many ways of interpreting open-air spaces. From the sinuous wrap-around form of the Florida system, to the slender lightness of Patio, presented both in its more radical version with aluminium frame and in the more classic teak one, to the geometric and architectural modularity of Quadrado.

Not only differences in composition and style but also in textures and perspectives: the Florida family almost skims the floor with its one-piece upholstered volume, which also features distinctive curved elements, while the very conformation of Patio lifts it off the ground, making it permeable to the eye and strongly characterised by the aesthetics of its 100% recyclable woven cords backrests. The versatility of Patio is also guaranteed by the possibility of moving the backrests, thus creating ever new configurations.

The spatial approach of Quadrado is more architectural, and obviously conceived with the will to create a compositional language capable of offering infinite variations. Its basic 1×1 metre module moulds and reconfigures itself, adapting to different types of places, from small terraces to vast open-air spaces, but above all to the different habits of those who use it.

From the straight lines of Quadrado to the sinuous ones of Florida, which bring to mind the moment when friends gather around a brazier, to the suspended lightness of Patio, it is clear that there is no absolute and definitive solution in these three seating systems. Instead, each one is certainly crafted with the ability to identify the best configuration to relate its own unique architectural and spatial design. The canon is thus no longer just beauty, but that which moulds itself perfectly to the user’s needs.

Now all that is left to do is to enjoy life under the open sky.

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