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Edra: Edra MAGAZINE – Our Point of View

Edra MAGAZINE – Our Point of View
has now a digital version that offers a selection of articles from the four volumes published to date, on a dedicated section of the website


Hospitality at High Altitude


In Cortina d’Ampezzo, Edra Magazine visits Claudio Alverà, chef and owner, with his brothers, of the Dolomiti Lodge Alverà. The valley where it stands, 1224 metres above sea level, is surrounded by mountains that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. In its exclusive dimension, the Dolomiti Lodge is one of the facilities that will host one of the most important winter sport races, the Ski Mountaineering World Cup, in February 2021.  

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At Chiara’s place


Home is a reflection of who we are and what we become. When architects design a home, they often try to project a set of values and virtues into the space that represent them in some way, and that they want to pass on to future generations. But then, little by little, the owners take possession of the spaces, turning them into their actual home. To describe a house, it is essential to knock on the door and be welcomed in it. Especially if it is a house like

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Li Galli, The Island of the Sirens


Off the coast of Positano, halfway to the island of Capri, lies the small archipelago called “Li Galli”. It consists of three islets called “Gallo Lungo”, which is the largest and is shaped like a dolphin, “La Rotonda”, and “La Castelluccia”, also known as the “Isola dei Briganti”, or Bandit Island, from the pirates who once lived there. It is the month of May as I approach the archipelago. A magical place is in front of me. Sunlight filters through the clouds creating

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The Purity of Volumes


Immersed in the wooded area of the Burgh-Haamstede dunes in the Netherlands, overlooking a lighthouse, stands a holiday home designed by architect Bart Vos and landscape designer Piet Oudolf. Their client wished to create a solid but dynamic architecture, not too tall, and that would fit with the surrounding environment. A pleasing place in which everyone, young or old, would feel at home. The villa is built on a rectangular piece of land that suggested the

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