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Edra: Edra, Outdoor Collections


Edra continues its research in the world of materials with this exclusive three-dimensional material, ideal for both indoors and outdoors, to guarantee the same level of comfort.

The models Standard, On the Rocks and Sherazade are made of a special structure and rubber and are 100% outdoor, if covered with the
Every Place collection.

Raggruppa 1958
Raggruppa 1957

Jacopo Foggini

Transparencies and nuances of very light, soft, imperceptible colors for this collection where each
model is made from a single weave of polycarbonate modeled by hand in the classic green color of
natural glass.

Veronica consists of a low armchair, essential as well as the three tables. An irregularly shaped three-legged table, a square table and a large rectangular table.

Raggruppa 1959
Raggruppa 1960 (1)

Jacopo Foggini

The name A’mare expresses the love for designing together with the idea of solidifying water into precious objects.
Sea and water, with their stunning reflections, become the protagonists of the living space through these furniture pieces that are welcoming landscapes of relaxation and comfort.

Gruppo di maschere 3
Raggruppa 1963 (1)
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