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Edra: On the Rocks

by Francesco Binfaré

The covering tells the story of the project

Francesco Binfaré imagines the On the Rocks sofa as a soft cliff entering the house. A natural seascape where you can experience the same relaxation as sunbathing by the sea. The fabric is three-dimensional, with the patterned yarn shaded in the weft, emerging from the background texture. It resembles the surface of a rock partly covered in moss and lichen. It is full-bodied, soft, and bright. It is pleasant to the touch. The colour variants, ranging from neutral and warm tones such as white or beige, to straw, light or dark grey, aqua and fluorescent yellow, up to black . They play with light, form and matter.


Edra designs and creates from scratch materials that would adapt to the structure, to tell the story of the project, supporting the performance and guaranteeing a technical performance capable of responding to all the stress of use. A material must stand the test of time, retaining all its qualities for as long as possible.

In the process of research and invention, Edra first listens to its artists’ stories. This is the most important step when there is an idea that, perhaps, will first become a prototype, then a project and sometimes a product. Edra imagines, or rather tries to imagine, what type of yarn, which material, which “title” to use to achieve the right texture to tell the project’s story and make the product fully appreciated. It is a question of balance and sensitivity, of attention to detail, of subtle but decisive perceptions to dress it up in the best way.

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A fabric must suggest interior softness. It must be more or less taunt on the surface. It must welcome the person sitting on it. It must satisfy different strengths and it must give the sensation of great pleasure to the touch. It must provide all the beauty and softness of the material. 

Each Edra model has its own “ideal dress”.

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