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Edra: The Smart Cushion

You can’t design softness. You must shape it. Hence the need to find a language for a material that does not have one yet. I continue discovering the language of softness, I have acquired it in part, but there is still a lot to discover. Discovering a language means expressing its consistency from an aesthetic perspective. Appearance must be the essence of the project and this essence lies in the process. This is why I consider it essential to continue researching the “Smart Cushion”.

Francesco Binfaré

Sitting in front of a sofa with cushions one night, Francesco Binfaré imagined placing the intelligent movement he loved to devise, inside a large pillow, which could become a standard element to fit around a seat and serve as an armrest and backrest. Hence he invented an entirely new concept of relaxation. A new story, a simple and extraordinary idea: the Smart Cushion.

An object with no need for ostentation, in which everything is hidden, pure, very elegant.

It features a joint system created after years of design and technological research, with veritable engineering masterpieces that Francesco calls ‘mobile antennas’. Placed inside the pillow, they allow you to rotate it 180 degrees forwards and backwards, or to shape it as desired with a slight pressure of the hand into low, reclined, bergère, enveloping, reading or high positions.

The idea of being able to arrange the armrest or backrest as you prefer, brings the sofa to life and fulfils the company’s promise: “the greatest comfort, elegance and performance”.


Beautifully uncomplicated, the Smart Cushion can gently bend to one’s needs and desires as well as to manufacturing requirements, revealing an unexpected, significant expressive power.


This new design approach has led to the creation of the Standard and Standalto sofas, the Stand by Me bed and the Chiara armchair.


Many projects are still in the making and will be made.

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