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Gandia Blasco Group: At Madrid Design Festival 2024

GOLD Finish: the ephemeral golden glow of a sunrise over the Mediterranean

Serenely luxurious, warm and timeless: Gold, a new thermo-lacquered aluminum coating for our outdoor furniture collections
Aluminum, the fundamental pillar upon which at GANDIABLASCO we invented our own construction system based on profiles, continues to discover surprising possibilities both in construction and aesthetics.

When it comes to color range, the brand’s distinctive pairing of white and gray anodized aluminum has gradually expanded to include new shades: from bronze to black, and from sand to gold, one of the latest additions, easily complementing earthy tones, neutrals, or bolder hues. In fact, all the shades, including metallic gold, blend seamlessly with our wide range of fabrics, offering dozens of colors and materials to choose from in order to fully customize each design.
An expression of serene and contemporary luxury, GANDIABLASCO’s gold finish illuminates both outdoor and indoor spaces with a subtle glow, creating a sense of warmth in any environment. Its discreet shine and smooth texture evoke memories of a sunbeam over the Mediterranean Sea or a stroll along the sandy shore at dawn.

ONDE Lounge chair. Gold
GBMODULAR Lounge chair. Gold

A meticulous semi-industrial process for an impeccable finish

The gold tone honors aluminum’s architectural character and reminds us that beauty lies in the material’s nobility and the details of a meticulous manufacturing process where expert hands unite with innovation to bring unique and irreplaceable pieces to life.

GBMODULAR Shelving. Gold
SOLANAS Candle box. Gold

The gold thermo-lacquering process starts with cleaning and pretreating the surface of the aluminum structures, including applying a protective primer. Next, curing is carried out at a specific temperature in an oven, where powder paint is applied to create a durable and resistant coating that will be sealed. After cooling, the piece is ready with a durable and high-quality finish. Manual intervention is crucial throughout the process, from the beginning to the final touch-up.

The gold finish is available in all GANDIABLASCO collections. Designs are transformed with this new finish, inviting you to enjoy the outdoors and connect with the natural environment.




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