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Gandia Blasco: R24

Small-scale textile architecture, by Paula Valentini for GANDIABLASCO

R24 is an original collection with great personality, pure geometry brought to the world of outdoor furniture. The result of research into the relationship between art, design, architecture and nature by its creator, Argentine architect Paula Valentini, R24 contrasts the mathematical character of her creations with the randomness of their handcrafted manufacture in India, making each piece a unique object.

Low coffee table
Low stool

The stool and the low table of this series are made of steel rods so that, intertwined with each other, they form a complex structure, light and ethereal, but at the same time resistant and very comfortable. R24 is textile architecture on a small scale.

“In R24 I investigate the possibility of building a textile architecture on a small scale. I evoke sensations and images like the evanescence of a bird’s wing.” Paula Valentini
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