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Jasper Morrison and Cappellini: 35 years of creative collaboration

The retrospective on Jasper Morrison, curated by Giulio Cappellini, celebrates 35 years of friendship and collaboration with the English designer. Through immersive narratives on living spaces, the exhibition traces Morrison’s creative evolution. From the iconic Thinking Man’s Chair to the One Legged Table, a manifesto of Minimal Design resurgence, from the Elan sofa to the innovative Low Pad armchair, each project embodies a high degree of refined experimentation.

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Retrospective on Jasper Morrison, at Spazio Cappellini, Milan – via Borgogna 8

Located at Via Borgogna 8 in Milan, Spazio Cappellini transcends its role as a mere showroom, emerging as an authentic hub of culture. Simplicity and innovation characterize the exhibition, merging seamlessly to create timeless works.
This retrospective underlines the intellectual affinity and the shared visual language between Giulio Cappellini and Jasper Morrison, emphasizing their mutual commitment to sustaining a profound dialogue that transcends temporal boundaries.

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