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LASVIT: YAKISUGI manufacturing

Yakisugi Manufacturing: Memento of the forest

The renowned Japanese architect drew his inspiration from a technique for preserving construction timber by charring its surface, known in Japan as Shou-Sugi-Ban or Yakisugi. This ancient technique uses charring wood as means to preserve it without the need of painting or sealing, an aspect leading to the current revival of this technique in eco-friendly architecture. Adapting this process to the centuries-old glass craft technique enabled a contemporary design that is unique for every single piece of hand-blown glass.

“My long-standing desire has been to translate these textures into glass, which is also a natural material. I was fascinated by the flow of water in the forest, which for me creates a very special feeling of encountering a living organism. Also, glass can bring that kind of feeling to people, like unbridled water, and convey it to them in ordinary activities such as drinking a beverage. The Yakisugi collection should be such a memento of the forest in people’s everyday life.”

– Kengo Kuma 

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