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Lee Broom: Discover the new lighting collection, Alchemist

Alchemist is the new lighting collection by Lee Broom which centres on the balance and interconnection of sculptural metal forms containing light.

The collection officially has its global launch today in New York City, marking the first time the brand has debuted a new lighting collection in the United States. Presented at the Lee Broom Penthouse in Tribeca, the main space of the showroom has undergone a dramatic transformation where viewers can observe the pieces in a gallery style setting.

The main space of the Lee Broom Penthouse presenting the Alchemist collection

Alchemist explores ideas around the ancient art of alchemy and turning base metals into noble objects of desire, while also observing its spiritual and mystical connotations. After reading the novel ‘The Alchemist’ by Paul Coelho, Broom was inspired by the concepts in the book and the idea of alchemy. Broom wanted to create a lighting collection which explored the physical ideas around alchemy while also touching on the metaphysical aspects by referencing themes of astrology, mythology and folklore. All these themes can be observed in the Alchemist video below in which you can view the collection in full.

View the Alchemist video showcasing the full collection

Divided into four unique lighting ranges – Mythos, Gemini, Solstice and King – the collection spans pendants lights, chandeliers and wall sconces and focuses on the traditional welding of brass, while combining this base metal with glass, acrylic and leather. As with all Lee Broom products, the Alchemist collection is created in house and is assembled in Lee Broom’s own London factory.

Mythos Duo Pendants

Mythos is a brass pendant light formed of one or two sculptural interconnected links capturing an illuminated glass orb. Mythos Duo is suspended from a hand-stitched leather strap which acts as a sling for the links, concealed connections make it almost impossible to determine how the orb generates its illumination. Mythos is also available as a single pendant suspended by a cord.

Different when viewed from every angle, Mythos possesses both linear and curvaceous qualities, allowing the illumination of the sphere to refract in the brass whilst nestled in its curves. Produced in both satin brass and blackened brass, a new finish for Broom, Mythos is distinguished by its classic character and its innovative form.
Mythos pendant
Mythos wall light

When creating this light fixture, Broom looked to multiple references including the Greek mythological tale of Prometheus bound to his chains along with jewellery dating back to antiquity. To be hung as a single pendant or suspended in clusters, Mythos has also been created as an elegant wall light with a single link holding an illuminated orb.

Gemini pendants

Gemini explores the classic characteristics of the astrological sign as well as serving a nod to the equipment, crucibles and flasks used in alchemical workshops.

This elegant light fixture is a piece of two opposing halves which connect asymmetrically to create one linear illuminated product. To be hung horizontally or vertically, Gemini is formed of an illuminated capsule which is sliced and shifted to reveal a brushed brass facia, sharing similar characteristics to Broom’s iconic Crescent Light where every element of construction is hidden.

Gemini vertical
Gemini horizontal

Referencing the refinement of art deco, combined with inventive modernism, the appeal of Gemini lies in the beauty of its balance and the simplicity of its lines. Gemini can be installed in multiples, expanding horizontally and vertically to create bespoke constellations of light with extensive adaptations.

Solstice Duo and Trio pendants

Solstice references the prehistoric monument Stonehenge and its spiritual rituals around the Summer and Winter Solstices. The illuminated opaque glass globe of Solstice alludes to the sun, and the square brass structure which encases the globe references the monolithic form of the stone. Taking cues from 1960s lighting design, Sostice is where mid-century meets midsummer.

Solstice wall light
Solstice Duo and Trio pendants

Created as a single pendant, multiple fixtures can also be connected together to create a tower of light comprising of two or of three globes. And just as the earth rotates and the sun moves with the celestial sphere, each Solstice can be rotated creating your own heavenly formation. Constructed from brushed brass in a classic or blackened finish, Solstice has also been imagined as a surface mounted sconce which stands elegantly poised as it meets the surface of the wall.

King Large pendant

King is a majestic chandelier of significant proportions which intersects the boundaries of art and design. King is formed of individual brushed metal leaves which have been folded, tapered and brushed by hand to create multiple tiered rings, each concealing a hidden illuminated glow which envelopes the golden leaves, casting shadows and light.

A sculpture in its own right, King was originally envisioned around the character of the King of Salem in ‘The Alchemist’ book and the legend of King Arthur, hence its crown-like appearance. Its medieval characteristics have been fused with a semblance of brutalism, which makes King striking when dimmed and resplendent when illuminated.

Produced in two sizes including the Large at 90cm (35.5 inches) diameter and the Extra Large at 1.2m (47.25 inches), King is the crowning glory of the
Alchemist collection.


Lee Broom says of this collection: “’The Alchemist’ resonated with me on many levels. It occurred to me that we designers and artists are also alchemists, physically creating something from nothing that has function, beauty and purpose. And at the core, I always design primarily from a place of emotion, which emphasises the notion that everything is connected, physically and spiritually. These stories from mythology and folklore are rich with drama and intrigue. They become a great source of inspiration and knowledge and the stories still resonate and influence the world today. They are metaphors for life.”


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