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Lee Broom Divine Inspiration – Lighting Collection Now Available

We are delighted to announce that our brand new lighting collections – Vesper, Hail, Altar, Pantheum and Requiem – are now available to order. These new collections were launched to great acclaim during Milan Design Week in June of this year.

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Vesper is formed from extruded aluminium and available in brushed gold or silver. Vesper is stunning as a feature chandelier in a dining room, or can be used more discretely as a delicate sculptural piece. Vesper can also be clustered, increasing in scale to create unique installations with infinite possibilities.

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Hail is a modular lighting system which is available in three standard sizes in either a brushed gold or silver finish. Its fluted form is fabricated from extruded aluminum and features our stunning hand blown glass, led bulb first seen on our Aurora chandeliers.

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Hail offers bespoke flexibility in form and placement, the smaller models can be used in study’s and living rooms or as bedside pendant lamps. Hail also offers the option to be configured in custom lengths, as we presented during Milan Design Week. This allows designers to create truly stunning vertical installations through staircases or in vast lobbies.

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Altar’s elegant, fluted form is carved from solid oak and illuminated by tubes seamlessly nestled in the striking architectural grooves. The light is available in two sizes and can be suspended from a cable or surface mounted to the ceiling. Altar can bring warmth to any room, softening hard surfaces with an organic touch, or it can be installed as a bold, architectural statement.

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The Pantheum surface light is inspired by the distinctive concrete ceiling of Rome’s ancient temple, The Pantheon. Each piece is cast by hand in Jesmonite and then sand blasted to give its rough sandstone hewn surface. Pantheum is a dedicated surface light, the low profile was specifically designed for intimate spaces with lower ceilings. Pantheum could be used to line the walls or ceiling of a corridor, to provide an ambient light in an intimate space or scaled up in symmetrical clusters to create a grand tiled composition.

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Requiem is a unique series of ethereal light-sculptures, each produced as a limited edition of 15 pieces. Every edition is sculpted by hand, by Lee Broom in our London factory. The ghostly silhouette of the Requiem series appear weightless and fluid but are solid in form, the illuminated lights, suspended in plaster are hand-formed and set until solid. The effect is one of fragile drapery that appears to capture a floating light source.

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