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Goodman, the modular seating system designed by Rodolfo Dordoni in 2022, enriches its proposal with new curved and tilted elements: the updated design is inspired by man and his ever-changing needs and tastes.

Elegant and rigorous, with compact volumes and sophisticated tailoring details, Goodman continues along its evolutionary path. With a clear 70s imprint, the system expresses its versatility and high degree of modularity by adding new tilted and curved modules to the existing linear and rounded elements – the latter introduced in 2023. The new designs feature an armrest lower than the backrest, and are characterised by unprecedented, even more pronounced angles, conceived to create compositions with 30, 75 and 90 degree angle widths.

From the original rhythmic rectilinear geometry, Goodman moves on to a new, unexpected rounded shape that gives a sinuous aesthetic, not only to the single element, but also to the configurations created in combination with the linear modules.

Creativity and materiality, aesthetics and functionality thus come together in a seating system based on a renewed concept, capable of fitting harmoniously into spaces and architectures with a very different character, forming more traditional or dynamic compositions, and offering inviting convivial solutions for both residential and Hospitality settings.

Lifted off the floor, Goodman is distinguished by the softness and cosiness of its one-piece seats; the pocket springs inside the upholstery, combined with a layer of polyurethane with differing densities, help define its volumes and provide enveloping comfort.

The typical sartorial attention to detail of Minotti’s savoir-faire can be found in the graphic aesthetics and extreme quality of the tone-on-tone stitching that characterises the cushions, making these seats unique, with a sophisticated personality.

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