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Through the dialogue between form and function, the 2024 Collection makes its debut, introducing new indoor and outdoor furnishing pieces inspired by renewed creativity, and opens up to an even sculptural and architectural decorativism, with unique shapes, colours and details.
A symphony of voices, orchestrated by Minotti Studio, which interprets, in an original contemporary key, some stylistic references that have marked the history of design, merging different cultures and visions: from Marcio Kogan / Studio MK27, to NendoGamFratesi and Inoda+Sveje, up to new designers Hannes Peer and Giampiero Tagliaferri.

Supermoon, the new modular seating system by Giampiero Tagliaferri – whose distinctive feature is the shape of the backrests and armrests, evocative of a lunar phase – was intended to live as a single element, but can also be multiplied to create flexible configurations.

On the other hand, a mix of rigorous volumes and sinuous lines characterises the Yves modular seating system by Hannes Peer. Its design is enhanced by asymmetrical couture-inspired stitching and it comes in multiple versions conceived to meet different areas of taste and ways of living in domestic and Hospitality spaces.

Sculptural forms are the common thread running through other furnishing pieces designed by Hannes Peer: a geometric element thus composes the base of the Nico dining table and the structure of the Zoe bookcase, reproducing itself in an original pattern in the Janis screen for the home.

Three new seating proposals, each with their own personality, prove to be the perfect fusion of comfort and decorative appeal: from the Seventies flair of Pattie by Giampiero Tagliaferri and Emmi by Hannes Peer, to the more contemporary allure of the Vivienne family of seats by designer duo GamFratesi.

The new Trio armchair by Marcio Kogan / Studio MK27, meanwhile, exudes a clear Brazilian flavour. As its name reveals, it is the result of a refined combination of three different materials: leather, fabric and wood, for seat, backrest and frame. An aesthetic of great lightness echoed in the Trio Outdoor version for the open-air world.

Two new seating systems also bring the comfort of indoor furnishing pieces outdoors, ideal for creating oases of conviviality and relaxation: on the one hand, the exceptional modularity of Daylight by GamFratesi, with its characteristic backrest crafted like an enveloping fan; on the other, the playful nature of Amii by Nendo, featuring a woven structure with a strong scenic presence that embraces soft, voluminous cushions of different shapes and sizes.

Let yourself be inspired by an elegant and eclectic proposal, also including numerous furnishing accessories: find out more and explore all the novelties of the 2024 Collection!

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