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The 2023 Collection takes shape in the year in which the company celebrates its 75th anniversary, encapsulating the feeling of the long journey of a family business, over time creating a natural continuity of style to furnish all living spaces with elegance. 

In a variety of shapes, colours and designs, free from standards and aimed at responding to the constant ever-changing nature of contemporary living, the 2023 Collection synthesises in a single language the visions of designers from all over the world. These include Marcio Kogan / studio mk27NendoGamFratesi
Inoda+Sveje and Gordon Guillaumier, all working under the creative art direction of Rodolfo Dordoni together with the Minotti family, and rediscovering the values of upholstery of yesteryear, but always with a close eye on technological innovation.

The new Dylan modular seating system designed by Rodolfo Dordoni comes in three variants that reflect different areas of taste and ways of experiencing domestic and hospitality spaces. The aerial base of Dylan and Dylan Small accommodates the couture-inspired stitching of the cushions, the common thread of the entire project, which make this system a timeless classic, albeit with an unprecedented and contemporary modularity. 

The same manufacturing construction also characterises Dylan Low, the version distinguished by its more classic and traditional personality.

The new Raphael family of seats designed by Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi is conceived to express the same comfort as a modular system: single furnishing pieces with generous proportions and sinuous lines capable of becoming protagonists of the space, opening up to a whole new way of interpreting the living area.

Instead the new Superblocks project by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 is built like a true architecture: a family of storage units with a rigorous appearance, characteristic of the Brazilian studio’s design approach, but embellished by the richness of its details and finishes.

Refined construction details also characterise the new designs by Japanese studio Nendo: inspired by the original iconic Torii design, the new Torii Bold family of seats, which retains the morphology of the backrest while presenting a more solid and compact aesthetic, and Torii Nest Outdoor, the family of seats expanding its proposal to furnish open-air spaces with flexibility.

Oriental influences, tempered by Nordic rigour, also animate the new Sendai Cord Outdoor swivel armchair, the result of Inoda+Sveje‘s design work that originates from the upholstered volume of the Sendai indoor seat, emptied and stylised.

Both reassuring and surprising, the 2023 Collection expresses the brand’s consolidated wealth of experience in designing indoor and outdoor environments where classic and contemporary, organic and rigorous lines, softness and texture, harmoniously blend together.

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