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An exhibition architecture designed to showcase the renewed creativity behind the 2024 Collection, that dynamically blends innovation with stylistic memory.

The Minotti Pavilion 2024, by Minotti Studio, unfolds in a series of settings, double-height volumes and clever use of distinctive colours and materials, built to host a dense, highly characteristic collection: from palisander, marble, lacquered, rough-rendered or even carpeted walls and mirrored ceilings up to floors that alternate concrete, maxi-format Licorice oak herringbone parquet or still carpet.  

A compositional climax that reflects this brand’s constant evolution, whereby architecture enhances the passage from one setting to another, with indoor and outdoor furnishing pieces as protagonists.

Defining the path to the centre of the Pavilion is a landscape design project featuring Zen-like vegetation in large concrete planters.

The must-have architectural icon is once again the fireplace, this year in ten different versions, while the reception area features two Musk-lacquered parallelepipeds that rise up to the ceiling, as well as two Plum-lacquered horizontal blocks that act as front desk.

This original, sophisticated language is enriched by the several striking contemporary works of art that, like a series of stills from a film, highlight the furnishing pieces of the new 2024 Collection. To mention but a few, these include the sartorial details of the Yves modular seating system by Hannes Peer in its five different versions, the sculptural shapes of the Supermoon modular seating system by Giampiero Tagliaferri, the plastic design and contemporary allure of the Vivienne family of seats by GamFratesi, the elegant texture of the Trio armchair by Marcio Kogan / Studio MK27 and the new-look Yoko armchair by Inoda+Sveje. 

Indoor design dialogues seamlessly with the new outdoor pieces, such as the modular seating systems Daylight by GamFratesi and Amii by Nendo, together with the Pattie Cord Outdoor family of seats by Giampiero Tagliaferri and the Trio Outdoor armchair by Marcio Kogan / Studio MK27. 

Playing with contrasting accents and harmonious combinations, the Minotti Pavilion 2024 takes visitors on an immersive journey into the brand’s universe, expressing its timeless aesthetic.

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