You are currently viewing MINOTTI PAVILION @ SALONE DEL MOBILE.MILANO 2022


At the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, the Minotti Pavilion provided the perfect showcase for the brand’s 2022 Collection. Not just an exhibition space, but a scenic and refined location: a real pavilion dedicated to Minotti.
An architecture spanning 3,200 sqm with a huge aesthetic and volumetric impact that not only derives from the vastness of the space, but also from its structure: a domus on two levels, with intersecting viewpoints that allow a clear perception of the interior.

The strongly characterising element of this volume emerges thanks to the skilful and unprecedented use of cement, recreating a unique effect from its perimeter inwards: the cement block is a perforated prism, designed by Minotti Studio, which forms entire material walls that mark a boundary while leaving continuous freedom of visual dialogue between inside and outside.

Once inside, you find yourself enveloped by a feeling of space beyond boundaries, large green areas that circumscribe the rooms as if in a sort of embrace, creating a continuous transition between indoor and outdoor settings.

The collection, housed within this impressive architecture, emphasises the company’s ability to push itself and explore new creative horizons using forms, imaginary and cultural references from different parts of the world, creating a dialogue between the key furnishing pieces of the 2022Collection and those of recent collections, underlining how the design and aesthetic work developed by the brand jointly with its designers is always evolving, while following a path consistent with its identity.

Thus the new protagonists of the 2022 Collection, such as the Horizonte seating system by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 and the Goodman and Twiggy systems designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, complement the Sendai, Yoko and Lars family of seats by Japanese-Danish designer duo Inoda+Sveje, but also bestsellers such as Roger, Connery, Brasilia and Torii, all of which have now become iconic designs within the Minotti collection, presented here alongside the new additions to lend a new impetus and new potential for use and combinations.

Same thing for the outdoor world which, as always has been in the company’s design philosophy, does not differ from the language of the indoor, but rather evolves and amplifies it. Thus the new pieces of the 2022, such as Patio Teak by GamFratesi and Belt Cord Outdoor by Rodolfo Dordoni, exist in synergy with recent open-air furnishing designs such as Lido Cord Outdoor, Torii Nest Outdoor, Florida and Quadrado. In the exhibition there are no rigid, pre-set boundaries for the presentation of these furnishings, but only a fluid feeling in which it is the hosting architecture that tells their story and highlights their sophistication.

The pieces fit harmoniously into this continuity in which only the accessories, fabrics and the objects of art create contrasting accents through the use of bright colours and shiny surfaces, blending seamlessly with the style and the design references of the 2022 Collection, which is lulled in a sophisticated balance between the 1970s and the bond of Japanese culture with Scandinavian taste. The new collection and the great classics furnish an architectural setting, transporting the visitor to an imaginary and evocative space far beyond the borders of the exhibition.

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