Outdoor Social Distancing by GANDIABLASCO

Security and privacy to enjoy again, under the sky, what really matters

Confinement has made us dream, today more than ever, of sharing good times outdoors again. Memories lived in gardens, beaches or by the pool surround us, sometimes as an escape route and others so that we do not forget that there are still a few days to return to enjoy that siesta in the shade, that cold beer with wet feet, that lost gaze in the Mediterranean.

The situation we are experiencing may change many things, but our desire to continue to treasure experiences under the sky will continue to be there.

Gandiablasco Outdoor Social Distancing

Responsible, imaginative, comfortable and beautiful response to an urgent need

GANDIABLASCO, which has been designing and developing all kinds of private outdoor spaces, for more than two decades, looks to the future with commitment, enthusiasm and passion for the outdoor world that is in the DNA of its creative director José A. Gandia-Blasco Canales and encourages us to take extreme precautions without giving up our Mediterranean impulse to maximize the hours of daylight outdoors.

Creativity and innovation, essential for an era of change: GANDIABLASCO offers its collections of outdoor spaces to satisfy the demand for design and quality products with which to create intimate outdoor spaces, maintaining the obligatory security and distance measures imposed by the global health crisis and thus respecting the well-being of all.

The firm’s catalogue blurs the limits between interior and exterior and adapts to the new needs of privacy, security and social distance and presents us with a selection of designs that includes, pergolas, daybeds, cabins and picnic areas, among other styles and combinations.

Outdoor furniture inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle for a new normal

GANDIABLASCO’s collections stand out for their minimalist lines, their personalised finishes with aluminium as the leading material and their multiple options for generating outdoor environments —both in public and private spaces— with which to maintain privacy and intimacy on terraces, in gardens, in restaurant lounges, in private homes, in resort dining rooms…

The selection of OUTDOOR SOCIAL DISTANCING by GANDIABLASCO products brings together elegant pieces inspired by Mediterranean vernacular architecture, conceived by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, designer, creative director and president of the Gandía Blasco Group.

Among its major advantages are:

– Curtains, blinds and enclosures that raise the level of safety to ensure the well-being of users and reduce the likelihood of contagion.
– Ultra resistant materials to intensive hygiene measures and continuous washing.
– Extreme versatility and modularity, which allow spaces to be adapted to current and possible new requirements.

– Elements that can grow in height and width to adapt to the specific needs of each environment.
– Multiple options of finishes and colours to fit all types of spaces and decorative styles.
– Contemporary, timeless, understated design with a sense of harmony and proportion.
– Customer service with the guarantee of a company of international recognition and extensive experience in the design industry.

Interview with José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, creator of the designs that are part of the OUTDOOR SOCIAL DISTANCING BY GANDIABLASCO line

Jose Gandia Blasco

How did the idea of designing GANDIABLASCO’s line of outdoor spaces come about more than 20 years ago?

In truth, simply because I wanted to create these spaces, in a contemporary version, to enjoy outdoors.

Pergolas, daybeds, cabins… different designs to create spaces of outdoor intimacy. Are there any outdoor experiences you remember fondly?

Many moments, always in good company: dinners, talks with friends or family, parties…

These days, looking at the sky from your balcony or terrace has become a moment of peace for many. How do you enjoy it at home?

I enjoy it very much, as I have been lucky enough to be confined to Na Xemena, my home in Ibiza, where I have a fantastic sky without light pollution, the Mediterranean at my feet and a landscape of pine covered mountains.

After the confinement, how do you think our way of enjoying the terraces of the hotels, bars and restaurants will change?

As soon as we can get out, I think we’re going to have a hard time getting back in. We’re going to appreciate the Mediterranean life outdoors much more.