Founded in 1919 by Domenico Potocco as a small artisanal workshop producing chairs in Manzano, Italy, Potocco has grown over the past century into a leading manufacturer of premium indoor and outdoor home furnishings. From Potocco’s early days as a founding partner of the Salone del Mobile furniture fair, the company has collaborated with renowned international designers to earn a place of honor in the story of Italian design excellence. Today, led by Antonino Potocco and his daughters Alice and Marianna representing the fifth generation of family leadership, Potocco furnishes homes and hospitality venues worldwide through its extensive network of retailers and regional offices in the United States and Asia Pacific. At the heart of Potocco are the dedicated people who have been instrumental in its evolution from a local workshop to a globally respected brand. By investing in its employees and valuing their skills, whether honed through generations of artisanal mastery or acquired from valued partners, the company ensures uncompromising quality across its production chain.
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