Site visits and measurement

Our experts will be able to assist you in designing your ideal project once they have access to precise site information. We offer site visits and measurements in order to get the accuracy needed in order to accomplish the correct end result.

Floor and Space planning

Planning a space should not only be elegant and aesthetically beautiful but should also maximize space and functionality via meticulous space planning. To ensure that every space we design meets the demands of our clients, we learn about your daily routines, work environment, and leisure time activities. We believe that form follows a function that enables us to create unique, intuitive, and functional spaces.

Furniture layouts

After discussing your goals and lifestyle, we will offer furniture layout options to achieve the best solution for your needs.

Mood Boards

Our goal is to help you select not only a piece of furniture, but a lifestyle. We will offer guidance and make a visual proposal for the mood, selecting furniture, colors, fabrics, finishes and decorative items.

Lighting proposal

We work with architectural and decorative lighting suppliers to offer a complete solution for residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

Art proposals

We provide consultancy services to assist you in creating the ideal environment.

We collaborate closely with the client to guarantee that the project is performed according to their specifications. We will consider their goals and requirements in developing a plan that meets their needs. Our team of professional and experienced consultants will craft your art proposal with your ideas, preferences, and objectives in mind.

Delivery and Installation

Our team takes pride on delivering and installing with the outmost attention to detail. We strive for our customer’s satisfaction and positive experience until the last stage.

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