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Textile and Leather Collection: a project with style

What dresses the Minotti projects is a project in itself: the Textile and Leather Collection.

More than a mere cover, each yarn is designed and engineered by the company’s in-house Style Department, so that every step, from research to the creative process to production, can be carefully monitored.

Textiles and leathers take shape in conjunction with the creation of a new collection piece; frame and upholstery are blended together to form a unique object, showcasing its lines and design and enhancing its comfort. It thus becomes part of a language that can carry a variety of different styles: from modern Scandinavian and graceful Japanese sobriety, to a Seventies feel.

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Sartorial textiles highlight the forms of the furnishing pieces, leathers embrace and envelop seats, cord takes on structural meaning for the open-air ranges, while the rugs, designed as the setting for the space in which they are placed, make the perfect backdrop for furnishing pieces to create a variety of home spaces.

A vast range of options connects the indoor – with cottons, wools and linens – with the outdoor, featuring yarns in 100% recyclable and breathable polypropylene.

While in itself fabric is considered a two-dimensional element, it takes on a three-dimensional form in the Minotti collection: weave, texture, chromatic depth and tactile effects give these surfaces a material and architectural design.

The 2022 Textile and Leather Collection conveys an inviting atmosphere. A sophisticated palette inspired by the colours of the natural world (including malachite green, chestnut brown, amber yellow, as well as multiple iterations of ecru and white) and patterns achieved by weaving warp and weft create dimensional geometries that accentuate the dialogue with the wood, marble and lacquer of the furnishing pieces.

Resistance, manufacturing, technical quality and durability are the result of thorough research as much in the outdoor collection as the indoor, so that the open-air range can benefit from the same chromatic, aesthetic, tactile and sensory finishes as the indoor range, further emphasising the continuity between the two settings.

This total freedom of choice results from a desire to create designs with an eclectic spirit, in which the furnishing upholstery becomes a tool in the hands of architects and clients.

The palette of colours and textures makes it possible to cover the furniture with a wide range of finishes in endless compositions, making each piece totally unique.

The entire Textile and Leather Collection is the benchmark for the construction of an aesthetic and design canon and language, which continues to evolve year after year, producing a style heritage that satisfies the demands of all tastes, standing out as a truly timeless collection.

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