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VUELTA is the foundation of the Wittmann Hayon Workshop collection. Unmistakable lines, Jaime Hayon’s playful signature and Wittmann’s first-class craftsmanship have sustained the success of the series over the years, helping it on its way to a constantly growing international fan base. VUELTA is every bit at home in an opulent look created by eye-catching velvet as it is with an elegant aesthetic born of muted colours. With statements like these, the striking shape brings living spaces, hotels, restaurants, offices or boutiques of all styles to life worldwide.

VUELTA is a furniture classic in the making. Such icons are created when outstanding workmanship, timeless design and memorable physical forms come together. And now with VUELTA Modular, Wittmann and Hayon have added to the characterful VUELTA solitaires a range of elements that can be arranged at will, expanding the scope of applications for the series by introducing exciting new options and planning possibilities. 

VUELTA Modular includes corner pieces and intermediate elements, as well as chaise longue elements, and gently curved elements that form an impressive semicircle. VUELTA Modular permits a variety of combinations that can be adapted individually to rooms and spaces with different requirements. Like all members of the VUELTA family, the individual modules deliver the inimitable level of comfort synonymous with a genuine Wittmann thanks to their pocket spring cores and high-quality polymousse structure.


Jaime Hayon’s collection for Wittmann truly brings colour into the picture, in every respect. Rotation, turning, return – these are the meanings of the Spanish word Vuelta. The backrest rotates playfully around the corner, becomes the armrest, continues on to the sitter – or recliner–in order to enclose them, as in an embrace. The special shape is divided by expertly crafted seam patterns, as a reminiscence of Josef Hoffmann.

Eclectic, exciting, Mediterranean Baroque – and yet wonderfully timeless. These are the characteristics that define the eye-catching style brought into being by the playful collaboration between Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon and Austrian furniture maker Wittmann. If the brief was to create furniture to counteract boredom, then it’s safe to say mission accomplished.


Jaime Hayon’s collection for Wittmann truly brings colour into the picture, in every respect. My private island: a classic free-standing chaise longue is always something of a private retreat, even when it is part of a larger ensemble. Vuelta’s sensual lines have found a logical progression in this chaise longue (W 190cm). The distinctive upholstery of the backrest that gives Vuelta its unmistakable character sweeps protectively around the headrest of this day bed, creating an island that can be shared – but need not be.


It radiates through its unusual proportions, a special charm as a solitary character or the perfect counterpart for the Vuelta Sofa. The large lounge chair (width 80, depth 82, height 75) with its articulating seam patterns are reminiscent of Viennese Modernism whereas the compact small armchair (width 72, depth 67, height 75), however, looks like a small, enchanting monolithic sculpture.

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