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Arper: How do you infuse a space with warmth?

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The Kata Chair combines a solid wood frame and a delicately textured, custom patterned shell, transforming the materiality of wood into a generous, distinctive, lighter chair for everyday applications. Find your favorite version to infuse your space with warmth.

Wood with optional cushion

Wood with optional cushion

Fully upholstered

Fully upholstered

“We are evolving our perspective from human-centered to nature-centered, life-centered. Our idea of beauty has changed.”

Altherr Désile Park

Kata Lounge

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The Kata Collection takes inspiration from artisan-made wood and woven straw chairs, reimagining them with modern, sustainable solutions. In the Kata Lounge Chair, designed in 2021, this is realized through its innovative pattern design which utilizes 3D knit technology, minimizing material waste.

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