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European Elegance and Exclusive Craftsmanship at CAM Studio

Offering a curated collection of the finest European furniture and designs, a Houston-based showroom is currently expanding its services to provide further customized solutions for its customers. CAM Studio strives to offer unparalleled luxury within its exclusive residential and corporate designs for those seeking timeless, sophisticated spaces.

Owner Carla Munoz originally discovered her inspiration for high-end design after witnessing her parents build the home of their dreams when she was 8 years old. Bringing in an interior designer from Spain and a landscape designer from Japan, her childhood home included intricate construction details rarely seen in her city. Her love for architecture was also founded after reading her father’s subscriptions to American and European architecture magazines, which to her surprise, were much more fascinating to read than any children’s book. As a young adult, Carla attended the 2000 Salon de Mobile in Milan and it solidified her decision to pursue design. “It was really a catalyst in my life: right then and there I knew this is what I wanted to do the rest of my life,” says Carla Munoz.

Following a successful 20 year design career, owner Carla Munoz established her showroom as a haven for inspiration, creativity and endless possibilities. CAM Studio is an exclusive dealer of prestigious European suppliers including Minotti, Riva 1920, Porro, Wittman, Draenert, Edra, Desalto and more. A variety of design-driven lighting brands are additionally represented such as Bocci, Lasvit, Bomma, Lee Broom and Matthew McCormick with rugs, wallpaper and accessories to complement any space. Family owned with an extensive heritage within interiors and architecture, these suppliers not only represent top talent, but stem from creative generations dating back hundreds of years. “The intuition and knowledge (of these brands) is transmitted not only on the design, but also on the quality and attention to detail,” says Carla. Many of the showroom’s exclusive brands have been awarded distinction in their own native countries: Minotti recently has been entered into the Special Register of Historic Trademarks of National Interest by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) for enhancing the Made in Italy excellence.

CAM Studio is known for its comprehensive solutions coupled with its showroom capabilities. As the global economy reaches new heights, clients from near and far have been requesting CAM Studio’s creative services for their interior projects. From an apartment in Istanbul, Turkey to partnerships with designers based in London and California, the showroom is working in more cities than ever before. The headquarters of Hines in Texas, Patrinely Block 162 in Colorado, Toyota Ful States and Quantas Energy are a few large-scale projects CAM Studio has added to its corporate design portfolio. “We educate clients on global trends as well as historic design to tap into the consciousness of good design one client at a time,” says Carla. “Everyone has the best design for themselves intuitively, we help clients explore and communicate their needs to achieve it.”

The renowned Houston-based showroom received an upgrade this January to accommodate its ever-expanding collections. A second showroom build-out is underway this summer to create a new dedicated space for the famous Italian brand Poliform, known for its range of closets, kitchen and cabinets. When asked what her company’s biggest achievement is, Carla says it’s the trust her team has earned from both repeated clients, suppliers and their endorsements.

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