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Gallotti&Radice: Armònia, the pages of Casa Mia


Casa Mia comes to life through the pages of ARMòNIA, an album of images showing an apartment of early 20th century located in the prestigious Magenta district.

A urban ambience, that reveals the personal style of Silvia Gallotti, conceived to host guests and offer experiences that stimulate diverse sensory spheres.

A domestic scenario that focuses on beauty and attention to detail, to be explored with both body and mind and which conveys harmony between shapes and volumes, designs and colours, light and shadow, softness and firmness, without neglecting memories and vibes, feelings and scents, and at the same time blending past and present, art and experimentation.

The spirit of Casa Mia is sealed into the word Harmony.
Hospitality is a feeling that only a gentle touch can arouse.

«Casa Mia is designed to be welcoming, a place to experience with all of your senses: to see, smell, taste, hear, touch.»

The interior design project by Dainelli Studio retains and enhances the historical beauty of the building date 1920s: original floors in antique parquet and terrazzo, decorated mouldings, interior doors with valuable frames and cast iron radiators.

A project that retains and respects the personality of the property with the addition of well-defined details like brass elements, wood panelling and unique, tailored-made pieces that enhance the spaces..

«In every space, I seek proportion between shapes and volume, lines and colors, sensations and scents.
I pursue my idea of perfection, one that leads me to a peculiar sense of calm and peace.»

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