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Desalto: Desalto Around the Globe – Habitat 100

NOTE Design Studio – Svezia

Extensive renovation of a historic apartment in the center of Stockholm. The apartment is located within a magnificent building designed in the early ’20s by Höög & Morsing, an influential architecture firm largely responsible for the current character of the area.

This building was a particularly ambitious project and seen by many as the flagship of its context. The splendor at street level extended to its interiors. Therefore, efforts were made to restore the apartment to its former glory, creating an interior that could pass for the original while remaining contemporary and exceptionally comfortable.

The Clay table takes a central place in the space, lending a sense of intimacy and connection between the rooms; its curved and embracing shape encourages sharing, erasing distances and fostering a welcoming environment.

NOTE Design Studio
Heliosgatan 13, 12030
Stoccolma | Svezia


phone: +46086568804



Marc Krusin

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