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2024 sees the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the company’s two bestseller, 0414 and Bolle, two iconic design that have shaped the aesthetic landscape with their timeless elegance.
Both were conceived with the mission of transforming everyday spaces, mixing form and function in a harmonious balance.
To commemorate this important milestone, It’s All About Colours presents an exclusive total color proposal, which enhances their contemporary style through an unprecedented range of colors and a series of new and graceful combinations. These celebrations aim to honor the past, celebrate the present, and anticipate a continued future of inspiration and creativity in the world of design.

For a decade, the 0414 seat has fascinated design lovers and occupied a prominent place in the hearts of those who appreciate the perfect fusion of style and comfort. The 0414 chair, in fact, is much more than a simple piece of furniture; it is a symbol of innovation, functionality, and timeless aesthetics. Its distinctive design, characterized by clean lines and an enveloping shape, has made this chair a focal point in every environment, from the dining rooms to professional spaces. A hymn to excellent craftsmanship where curved wood embodies artisan mastery, intertwining sinuous shapes and precious materials.

On the occasion of this important anniversary, 0414 is dressed in exclusive monochromatic proposals.The new variants suggested include four colours, Verde ProvenzaRosa JaipurBianco CamargueBordeaux Etruria and three new shades, WengèClay and Cinder, which complete the collection for a total of twelve variants.

Bolle lamp by Massimo Castagna has an extraordinary history intertwined with moments of inspiration, creativity and commitment to excellence. Its conception was the starting point of an exciting journey through decorative design, transforming every room into a space of refinement and warmth, and arriving to date at a family of 10 variants (Bolle, Bolle Aria, Bolle Cielo, Bolle Orizzontale, Bolle Sola, Bolle Tavolo, Bolle Tela, Bolle Terra, Bolle Verticale and the newcomer Bolle Stelo, conceived on the occasion of the anniversary).

Its distinctive shape, inspired by the ethereal nature of bubbles, has captured the attention of architects, interior designers and design enthusiasts around the world over the years.
 The transparency of the suspended, mouth-blown spheres,

coupled with hand-burnished brass metal parts and soft, enveloping light, creates a magical atmosphere that has made

the Bolle lamp a true symbol of style and sophistication.

To celebrate these ten years, Bolle is illuminated with new and refined shades of colour: TopazioAmbraAmetista and Bronzite.

Gallotti&Radice Flagship Store - Milan
Gallotti&Radice Flagship Store - London (On the occasion of the London Design Week 2024)

Gallotti&Radice celebrates a decade of success for both products, always looking for new innovative  solutions to meet customers’ needs. An anniversary that marks not only an important milestone but also a new beginning, with a commitment to carry on the company’s tradition of innovation and quality. The celebrations started at our Flagship Store in Milan and are currently underway at the Flagship Store in London, on the occasion of London Design Week 2024. Now it’s the turn of other showrooms around the world, stay tuned!


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