Minotti Dylan

The instinct for the continuity of shapes, and lines, and for consistency of language and style typical of Minotti’s modus operandi, is embodied in the Dylan modular seating system.

A multifaceted and versatile lexicon in which the rigour of forms is combined with their ability to accommodate.


The backrest and armrest’s soft curves create a cozy atmosphere.

The suspended base of Dylan showcases complex manufacturing using a tailoring technique similar to the Connery system, with strips of leather or fabric sewn together with webbing and stitching.

Every detail of Dylan combines upholstery tailoring with a multifaceted architectural vision, seamlessly integrating furniture into contemporary living spaces.



Minotti is an Italian company with a solid reputation at an international level as an excellent expression of “Made in Italy” in the field of contemporary furniture design and ambassador of a classic-modern lifestyle in the residential and hospitality segments.

Cam Studio, founded by Carla Muñoz in 2018 after 20 years of experience in
high-end furniture and design, is the exclusive Minotti dealer.

“As an architect, I value trade relationships; like Cam Studio, based on quality of product, knowledge of team, reliability of service and design aesthetic. Carla Munoz and her team excel on all fronts and service clients in Texas as well as internationally. I’ve worked with her on many projects over the course of twenty years and exceptional customer service remains an art for her. Highly recommend.” 

Karen L.

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