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An exhibition architecture designed to bring to life the soul of the brand and highlight its long journey, which this year coincides with the company’s 75th anniversary: the Minotti Pavilion 2023 is a scenographic venue with unique and unexpected dimensions and features, fully expressing the history of a brand that looks to the future, and is capable of renewing itself over time, yet anchored to its roots.
A building in which the company’s competence in the architectural sphere is also exploited for dramatic effect: creative inspiration for Minotti’s partners in order to export the real essence of the brand all over the world. And, at the same time, a place in which the brand’s iconographic and communication contents for a whole year can be produced in a sustainable way.


Public and private space blend in an installation that covers an area of 4500 sqm distributed over two levels and harmoniously incorporates the aisles of the exhibition within it: two paths that cut the Pavilion’s floor plan into four quadrants, while at the same time making it visible through the large curved windows.


The central aisle is interpreted as a real boulevard, enlivened by large areas of greenery reminiscent of the Mediterranean scrub: a path capable not only of immersing the visitor in a space beyond boundaries, but also of inventing a new way of interpreting the exhibition area.


The organic shapes of the ground floor are also echoed on the first level, accessible by the way of two spiral staircases, looking onto the green surroundings and the wide-open view as far as the eye can see into the world of Minotti: from every corner of the exhibition space, one can perceive the environments that follow one another, recounting the company’s constant and steady evolution.


A suspended truncated cone stands out in the double-height space, skimming the top of the brazier: it is the fireplace, an iconic architectural presence visible in both the living areas and an unfailing element in the language of the brand, which lends character to the environment.


The Minotti Pavilion 2023 sets the ideal stage to welcome the protagonists of the 2023 Collection: the multifaceted Dylan modular seating system by Rodolfo Dordoni, in its three versions designed for different areas of taste, the Torii Bold family of seats, with its design inspired by the iconic Torii piece by studio Nendo, the sinuous lines of the Raphael collection by GamFratesi, and the refined rationalism of the Superblocks storage units by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27, to name but a few.


The furnishing pieces designed for indoor use, together with the most distinctive pieces from recent collections, dialogue in perfect harmony with the new designs conceived for open-air spaces signed by Inoda+Sveje, Nendo, Gordon Guillaumier and Rodolfo Dordoni, in a true journey of discovery of the brand’s values.


The Minotti Pavilion 2023 conveys the history of the brand into the architecture with which it presents and represents itself: a space that invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world of consistency and creativity, of innovation and the ability to evolve everything, even traditions.

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