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Minotti: The Endless Search For Beauty Of Inoda+Sveje

Minotti’s continuous desire to explore different cultures and their know-how, which has encouraged the brand to work with international designers for many years, cleverly blends Scandinavian taste with Japanese culture in the 2022 Collection through the collaboration with the designer duo Kyoko Inoda e Nils Sveje, from Japan and Denmark, respectively.
An inspirational journey started in 2018 which, under the watchful eye of art director Rodolfo Dordoni, has led the brand to develop projects with French designer Christophe Delcourt, Japanese designer Oki Sato, founder of the Nendo studio, Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 and Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi.

“For us, the relationship with Inoda+Sveje represents another step forward in our design path and in the history of the company” says Roberto Minotti. “We have chosen to start these collaborations because they are important exchanges of views that allow us to explore new stylistic horizons”.

And even more unprecedented is the story of Inoda+Sveje, a design studio founded in Copenhagen in 2000 and now based in Milan. Two worlds so far apart but so intrinsically linked by their approach to design as a way of creating timeless beauty and elegance.

The collaboration with Inoda+Sveje opens the doors to furnishing pieces characterised by eastern influences, tempered by the Nordic rigour and in the Minotti’s stylistic shades: the first three projects by the designer duo give life to a renewed, light, refined Nordic Japanisme.

The Yoko family of seats, ideally featuring an armchair, a dining little armchair and a bench/footstool, the Sendai family of seats, composed of elements ranging from the little armchairs to the comfy lounge sofa, and the Lars sofa with its five slim organic legs like wind-smoothed tree trunks.

Each object is characterised by elements clearly reminiscent of the two different cultures from which they are inspired, but also by the savoir-faire behind them: from the most refined cabinet-making techniques to the lightness of shapes and sophisticated sartorial craftsmanship.
In a constant balance between poetry and consistency, the result of Inoda+Sveje’s work with the Minotti’s team is a synergy of design stories and traditions, combining simplicity with exquisitely artisanal details, and of contemporary identities responding to the constantly evolving trends of modern living.

Compact, versatile objects, easy to place in both residential and Hospitality settings, but above all perfect for meeting the needs of today’s new habits: having lunch while sitting on the sofa, adding corners for welcoming guests to spaces created for other purposes, creating living areas whose visual confines instantly blend and fade thanks to the compositional lightness and beauty of details.

“Our collection for Minotti is made up of objects that are the interface between the person and the rest of the house”. This is how Nils Sveje sums up the power hidden within the sophisticated details that make their collections for Minotti unique.
So, a focus on design, but before that, on the people who live it.

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